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  • Generic Updates

    As to my previous posts I can officially confirm that as of Friday 24th I will most definitely be debt free. I have had quite a lot going on especially work wise but I've also been rather addicted to Sons of Anarchy.
  • Lifestyle Updates: Ready to Rock

    Life for me is progressing rather well. I've just started taking Judo Classes, I will be **debt** free in **2 weeks** and I will be soon going for my big motorcycle test.
  • Starting Ethical Hacking & Computer Security Training - Teaching Myself.

    Began to start my Journey in Ethical Hacking, more specifically Web Application Hacking. Creating Bulletproof Applications and Teaching local businesses and the public how to secure their data
  • Awesome Workflow without Automation

    In this post I will be talking about how my workflow works albeit a rather weird approach to what the norm is, but really what is the norm? Norm is simply an Ideology brought about by Society, and when you don't fit in with Society, those ideaologies simply do not matter.
  • Hello World!

    Welcome all to my new blog, the place where I will be generating random thoughts of my own. Maybe even tutorials if I feel like I can be bothered. My aim for this website is simply just a place to dump random snippets of code, my journey throughout life, personal thoughts on somewhat random subjects, but again mainly code and projects.

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